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Get To Know Review10

10-Second Reviews

The biggest objection customers have about giving reviews is the time it takes. Our reviews take only 10 seconds to make because they include only what is really needed: a standard 1 to 10 scale, what they liked more / less and a button to call the manager. Saying something else is possible but always optional.

No Special Hardware or Software

Review10 uses your smartphone QR Code scanning capabilities so neither you nor your customers need to acquire any extra piece of hardware/software. Any regular smartphone and freeware QR Code scanning app will do, check this article for the best free app suggestions.

Simple 1 to 10 Review Score

Most customers don’t make reviews because there are too many questions or mandatory comment sections. Uber does it right because it only asks for a score, everything else is optional. With review10 your customers can choose to end the process after entering their score or to continue and leave you a nice comment + photo.

Liked More / Liked Less Feature

Similar to Uber rating system, Review10 gives your customers the option to select, from a list of words, what they liked most or less about you. This allows you to collect valuable information about what to keep – liked most – and what to improve as a first priority – liked less. This feature is fully configurable including which words to show.

Notify The Manager

Customers have the chance to communicate directly with the manager by selecting the option “notify the manager”. You will then receive a notification email with customer contact details along with their review they did. We built this function because we know that giving customers the chance to complain and managers the chance to address them fast, turns unhappy customers into happy ones. These will recommend your excellent customer service to everyone.

Data Analysis Report

All data being collected is private for you and nicely packed in a simple report that you can access from the Review10 customer area. This report collects data in real time and shows you the performance of all your QR Codes with Number of Reviews and Average Rate. What your customers like more and less about you is neatly packed into an easy to read graph. Play with the time frame of the report for deeper analysis or export it to Excel.

Manage Multiple QR Codes

In case you have a bigger company, a more complex business or simply a chain of open establishments, you can generate and manage multiple QR Codes with a single account. Depending on your plan you can create unlimited QR Codes and assign each to a specific service inside your company – for example at a Hotel you could have a QR Code for reception, another for the SPA and yet another for the restaurant. Or if you have a chain of shops you can generate one QR Code per shop, making it possible to measure and compare customer satisfaction between all the shops.

Stable and Scalable Technology

We built our service based on the award-winning Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and therefore benefit from all the features this service provides: distributed databases, automatic web server scaling and load-balancing, regular backups and secure communications. Your customers have the service available 24×7 no matter what the current workload is and your reviews data is kept secure.

This is applicable to every plan in our portfolio, including the free plan.

TeamOutLoud Integration

In case your business uses the employee engagement tool TeamOutLoud, you can integrate your customer reviews as automatic posts on TeamOutLoud newsfeed. If you are not yet a customer check

Prevent Duplicate Reviews

In order to prevent customers from reviewing you several times in a row, Review10 allows you to configure a time in hours before the system accepts a review for the same QR Code from the same mobile phone. Each business is different so we leave it up to you to decide.

Works With Any Business

Any customer-facing service can implement Review10 and start collecting customer reviews. The only thing you need to worry about is what you want your customers to review and where to place the QR Code for them to do it.

You will also benefit from a side-effect: your average quality of service will increase automatically as your employees will become more self-aware that customers can review their service and reach out to the manager immediately if needed.
Friendly Support

It is quite easy to get your QR Codes up and running but sometimes you just need some help. We have an outstanding user help page that covers every configuration feature that Review10 has to offer so you should be able to get it working by yourself. But just in case you can’t, our support team is ready to assist you in anything you need.

We won’t leave you hanging and will quickly respond to your messages.

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