December 3, 2020
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People appreciate when you ask them if they are happy with your service. It shows you actually care and that you are here for them.

They feel that your goal is to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

It puts a customer in the central position and this is the right way to run a business.

Customers come back if they feel their needs are being taken care of. Of course, you have to have a good product and a good service as well.

Involve your customers in shaping your business, so they feel more attached to your company. Listening to their voice helps you create stronger relations with them. By doing so you will not only keep and reinforce the tie with your existing customers, but you will also win new customers.


Do you know what is the best way to decrease negative social media reviews/mentions?

I give you a hint: find a way to have an in-store customer feedback system.


Customers who have a bad experience and don’t have a place to complain will just leave and buy elsewhere – meaning you never get a chance to win them back – and worse of all they will go to social media and share their bad experience.

As we all know negative feedback spreads faster. We just have to watch the news or read a newspaper to prove this, the vast majority of news is about some tragedy.

This is the world we live in. So do you want to risk it and have negative feedback on a social media?

According to an Accenture research, 81% of consumers who switch loyalties say the company could have done something differently to keep them as customers.

I’m sure you will do whatever it takes to keep a customer So the question is, what can you do?

One of the best ways is to give a voice to the customer when he’s still inside the store. Why? Because you can act immediately and transform a negative perception in a brand ambassador. Listen, learn and act.

As Bill Gates said:   “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”.

julie p